Enterprise Architecture & Performance

Enterprise architecture practice achieves business and IT alignment by adopting a business driven, top-down approach. We seek to understand the business vision, strategy and goals of an organization, and create a business architecture which highlights both the requirements and future capabilities needed to optimize business success.

Designing a sound SAP architecture is a challenge because the business needs are often complex and difficult to address. A good understanding of the applications architecture is therefore essential to move forward. With our proven expertise, we can help our clients to identify performance improvement levers and optimized architecture designs suitable for the needs of the business and scalable as the market develops. Thus, the integrity and effectiveness of your enterprise architecture is ensured while controlling costs.

Enterprise Architecture aligns people, services and technology with the business goals of an organization. Ensuring alignment between an organization’s business imperatives and the under-pinning IT capabilities is a constant challenge in today’s fast-moving operating environments.

Key Service Offering Features

  • IT Strategy - Our consultants understand the complex challenges the business and technology that you face and will help define a clear vision and strategy for your organization’s journey.
  • Enterprise Architecture - Building on an IT strategy, a full Enterprise Architecture describes a business in terms of models, standards, principles, policies, and procedures that reflect the business context and information needs, application systems, and the technical architecture and infrastructure of the organization.
  • Solution Architecture – Every problem can be solved by a clearly defined solution. Solution architecture describes how a system or process should be built to solve a specific problem in the context of an organization’s technology standards, principles, preferences and constraints.
  • IT Review – Every organization is challenged by an ever-increasing workload and demand for new solutions, yet internal time to assess and improve is a commodity in short supply. We have standard approaches and models for conducting targeted or comprehensive IT assessments.
  • Evolution of architecture - intervention in the life cycle of applications to enable functional development during a version change, infrastructure modification, or the installation of an additional module
  • Optimization of architecture - Definition of an optimum architecture to prepare the solution at start-up and ramp-up (performance optimization, load tests, scheduling, supervision, reporting, archiving)
  • System Evaluation & Selection – Our technology agnostic consultants can work with you to gather and collate requirements, identify technology options and evaluate solutions.

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