Senior Web Developer

  • Designation: Senior Developer
  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Salary: 5,00,000/Year
  • Qualification:
  • Experience: 2 to 5 Yrs
  • Vacancies: 4
  • Posted On: 28 Aug 2019


One of the fastest growing System Integrators, KLARIEN offers a work environment that fosters empowerment, creativity, personal and professional growth, trust and teamwork. We are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent and continuously invest in our people to stay ahead of the curve intechnical and domain expertise. Our collaborative environment promotes individual success through teamwork while driving value for our clients. Our people are our most important asset.

  • Specialist provider of high-quality IT solutions
  • Environment that promotes personal and professional growth through teamwork
  • Team with deep technical expertise
  • Mentoring and coaching by industry experts
  • Open and flexible atmosphere that fosters innovation

Job Description

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